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I know there should be a million ways to say the word beautiful, but this is ridiculous. And this is just the beginning. Icelandic...a language made up when no one had anything better to do to keep their neural pathways from corroding.

It was a falleg vase that smashed the falleg rose onto the falleg sidewalk where Gunni, Gubbi, Thor and Ðiæðæpithydotty were eating a falleg lunch of sixty five falleg plates of falleg fisk. fiskur? fiski? fisks? fiskurinn? fiskinn? fisknum? fisksins? fiskar? fiska? fiskum? fiskarnir? fiskana? fiskunum? fiskanna? ......

Don't even get me started on the nouns. FISH is FISH is FISH. Maybe more than one fish is FISHES. And maybe something wrong is FISHY. But that's it.
<![CDATA[Frábært! Great! Icelandic. Phew.]]>Sat, 27 Aug 2011 23:15:29 GMThttp://www.iwanttobeweird.com/news/frbrt-great-icelandic-phewPicture

Learning Icelandic is very weird. It's complicated and fun, but what a puzzle. Listen below to how this text sounds.
<![CDATA[Sheeps head for dinner.]]>Mon, 09 May 2011 18:35:20 GMThttp://www.iwanttobeweird.com/news/sheeps-head-for-dinnerPicture
Phew. That was pretty gross. It really smells awful, but the Icelandic people love it.

They eat the tongue, the eyes, the whole thing.

I tried to eat a bit of his cheek, but I confess, I did not eat much at all.

My Dad loves offal, brains, tongue, black pudding, tripe, but I never liked it. Urgh.

<![CDATA[Countdown to be Weird]]>Wed, 16 Mar 2011 22:52:50 GMThttp://www.iwanttobeweird.com/news/countdown-to-be-weird-last-episode-before-oursPicture
Episode 12  Taking a chance to express the lack of daylight in this time of year and the feeling of society's desperation for the light to return, Kitty engaged with Krummi Bjorgvinsson (of Mínus) and collaborated with music from the new side project Legend. Comparative to the episode previous to this, Kitty pulled the women into the darkness to revel and gorge on combined visual representations of witchcraft and religion.In the performance the women come together as vessels for evil performing a ritual to wake a dark spirit. For the first time ever the video work includes a performance by a band member, although this was filmed on a separate day – to maintain the Project's boundaries are set. A 'pure' Project video work has also been produced.
Watch the video here.

<![CDATA[Iceland - Between London and New York City]]>Mon, 14 Mar 2011 13:10:21 GMThttp://www.iwanttobeweird.com/news/iceland-between-london-and-new-york-cityPicture

Being from London and having done film making in New York and spent time there, Iceland is the perfect intermediary location. Just two hours away.

I love all three - so if you live in London or New York, don't forget Iceland is right on the way. 


Perfectly situated between the two cities it is a wonderful escape from the *real world and still so close to both.

It may seem off the beaten track, but really it is the perfect spot. 


And from Reykjavik  - just five - six hours to NYC.

The airlines offer stopovers for people traveling to New York from London and vice-versa.  With a trip to the gorgeous Blue Lagoon and hotel stay for one night.

<![CDATA[Bun day in Iceland]]>Mon, 07 Mar 2011 10:53:04 GMThttp://www.iwanttobeweird.com/news/bun-day-in-iceland
Two days before Lent is known as Bolludagur or "Buns Day." Homes, restaurants and particular bakeries, overflow with delicately made cream puffs or "buns." These "buns" come in all different shapes and sizes, filled with cream, jam, and sometimes drizzled in chocolate. Children especially love Bun Day because they get to wake up early and try to catch their parents still in bed. If they do, they "beat" them out of bed with their individually made Bolluvondur or "Bun Wands," which are colorfully decorated with strips of paper and gleaming ribbon. The parents are then obligated to give their children one cream puff for every "blow" received.
<![CDATA[Swimming in Iceland]]>Sat, 05 Mar 2011 01:07:48 GMThttp://www.iwanttobeweird.com/news/swimming-in-icelandPicture
One of my favourite things in life is swimming. One of my favourite things about Iceland is all the pools and hot tubs and steam baths. The mountains sit reflecting the dusk and I sit outside in the hot tub looking at the church spires. It's spectacular. I came here to research being Weird, but I have been given so much more and I have not even been Weird yet! 

<![CDATA[Learning Icelandic]]>Mon, 28 Feb 2011 12:09:59 GMThttp://www.iwanttobeweird.com/news/learning-icelandicPicture
I am just starting the lengthy and arduous process of learning Icelandic. I want to watch TV!  It will take a while - I need about three mouths.  Some languages have plenty of vowels to wrap you mouth around and separate the next consonant but Icelandic has ð which sounds like ´th´and þ which sounds like ´th´and then they string them all together with nary enough vowels.
It becomes a lisping tongue twisting exercise. However they do speak very fast and therefore 'Ég ætla að' can become 'Yetlath' without too much fuss. Meaning 'I am going to....
The plus side is it really feels like medieval English and a history lesson rolled into one. It has been so untouched by other Scandanavian language developments that it is both unique, old and let's face it, obselete. As My Dad says, ít will be very useful in Melbourne.'
But when listening to it, I can barely make out it is a language at all, rather a sequence of random entertaining noises, and like the DaVinci Code. it deserves to be cracked.
All the nouns change when something happens to them, god forbid you should pick up a plate, or turn on a lamp, and then who is doing the turning on, man, woman, inanimate, again it all shifts again.
Takk fyrir - Duck fairy - Thank you.

<![CDATA[Wonderland]]>Sun, 23 Jan 2011 19:04:37 GMThttp://www.iwanttobeweird.com/news/wonderlandPicture
Life is mysterious, challenging and beautiful.Nowhere is this felt more directly than in Iceland, where I feel as if I am actually not really on earth anymore, but have stepped off the edge, through the wardrobe or into the looking glass.

<![CDATA[Northern Light: Iceland's Creative Revolution]]>Sat, 04 Dec 2010 11:39:24 GMThttp://www.iwanttobeweird.com/news/northern-light-icelands-creative-revolution
Dazed TV present a documentary about how the young generation of a country ravaged by the economic crisis and the threat of corporrate takeovers are fighting back